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ICM2022’s information partner — online media Bumaga, features 38 popular restaurants in St. Petersburg that offer something for everyone. On this page, you will find a brief description of each restaurant: where to find the most delicious pastries, the tastiest dinners and the most interesting interiors.

Avocado Queen

Saint Petersburg’s first restaurant of the Moscow restaurant chain, Avocado Queen, opened this summer. The locals have appreciated the concept of the menu which is designed around avocados. In the first days after the opening, the restaurant was fully booked, and the kitchen even ran out of ingredients for some dishes by the evening. For that reason, the team decided to stop serving breakfasts for a while, but everything has been fixed since and the morning menu is back. Avocado is used in most dishes, although there are some exceptions, for example, brioche with spinach, scrambled eggs, and truffle. You can add toppings to all dishes. Avocado Queen also offers sparkling wine: brut from Italy or champagne.
The founders of the restaurant in the Leontievsky Cape residential complex on the Petrogradskaya side dedicated the place to the gastronomic traditions of different countries. The menu at AEffect changes regularly. The start was at the Iberian Peninsula: after the opening, the guests of the restaurant could taste dishes from Spain and Portugal (for example, tapas and paella). In the fall, the place embarked on a new «journey»: now AEffect serves dishes from South America (for example, ceviche). The space is decorated with screens showing videos filmed by creators in different cities and countries.

Anna’s Secret Garden

Anna’s Secret Garden (ASG) is a vegetarian café eaturing dishes by St. Petersburg’s chef-veggie Victoria Mosina. The updated breakfast menu is very small: it includes three dishes that Mosina designed with owner Anna Semak. The millet at ASG is made with coconut milk, pumpkin, salted caramel, almonds and cranberries, while the potato pancakes are served with confit carrots, cashew sour cream and tomatoes.
This cafe on Mayakovskogo Street was opened by the creators of Ronny and Gills, Klim Zhukov and Sergey Glazunov. Just like Futura Bistro located on the Petrograd Side, Aster offers different menus at different times of the day. The morning offer starts when the restaurant opens and ends at 2 p.m. It includes an omelet with bacon and mozzarella, coconut milk oatmeal with strawberry, duck brioche, Basque cheesecake with gooseberry, and other dishes. The cafe makes its own pastry which is definitely worth trying.

Tapas & Bar Atelier

Mikhail Sokolov and Timur Dmitriev opened Tapas & Bar Atelier in 2017. It has been a popular gastronomic spot on the Petrograd Side ever since. The breakfast menu was introduced at the beginning of 2021: at first, it had nine dishes, and now there are only six. It’s minimalistic, yet diverse. Lovers of sweets will enjoy millet and oatmeal porridge with mango, as well as chocolate ganache and kiwi brioche. Savory options include poached eggs, added to green buckwheat with salmon or grilled avocado with red caviar. But the star of the menu is Rioja-style eggs—a hearty and nutritious meal with eggs, roast potatoes, vegetables, and braised veal cheek.
Breakfasts at Maria Osnovskaya and Maksim Dmitriev’s restaurant on 2nd Sovetskaya Street are served from early morning. The breakfast menu includes 20 dishes: croissants, porridges, granola, and more nutritious meals such as scrambled eggs with sausages and toasts or shrimp omelet with teriyaki sauce (it is served throughout a day). Desserts got a separate section in the menu, featuring syrniki (Slavic quark pancakes), chocolate ganache, pancakes, tarte Tatin, and mascarpone cream.
Russian restaurant Banshchiki is located next to Degtyarnye Banyas (Russian saunas). Stanislav Levokho is in charge of the kitchen. The breakfast menu includes popular classics (crepes, pancakes, porridge, eggs) and more unusual dishes like hot toasts with boiled sausage, cheese, and tomatoes, or poached eggs with smoked salmon on a potato pancake. Different toppings can be added to sweet dishes; we recommend trying the homemade spruce cone jam.
The concept of this restaurant on Suvorovsky Avenue has recently been updated: chef Vladimir Gorsyukov has added to the menu more Basque dishes and appetizers to share. The breakfast menu was also reworked in the summer of 2021. It currently includes popular classics, as well as dishes that are new to the citizens of Saint Petersburg, like piperada (Basque-style eggs) with tomatoes and bell peppers. Bilbao’s piperada also features chorizo.
Chang is a new project of the Che Group restaurant holding, which was opened in late summer. The restaurant has become, perhaps, the most solid establishment of the holding: in the spacious two-story space there was even a place for a bungalow with yakiniku grills. Chang’s kitchen is run by an invited team led by Denis Prokhorov, who has worked in the restaurants of the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Petersburg. The main idea of the project is pan-Asian fusion, which includes dishes from different countries of the region (from the excellent tom-yam soup to kushiyaki kebabs). Cocktails from bartender Kirill Ulyanov deserve your attention, and pastry chef Alexander Agafonov’s desserts look like small works of art (the top hit is Coconut-Caramel dessert, which uses seven different coconut textures).
The gastronomic cafe near Griboyedov Canal has been serving breakfasts all day long since 2015. Charlie recommends a glass of sparkling along. Chef Yury Manchuk creates bright and unusual dishes, like a one-kilo syrnik with stewed strawberries, toast with black caviar and popcorn, or whipped cottage cheese with fruits. Charlie also continues the #GASTROlnye Zavtraki (rus. ‘tour breakfasts’) project: every month, guest chefs come up with several new dishes for the cafe.
Matilda Shnurova’s restaurant, Cococo, used to be located on Voznesensky Avenue, but it was closed in the spring of 2020. The restaurant moved to New Holland and was divided into two concepts: Cococouture, offering fine dining, and the more affordable Cococo Bistro. Chef Igor Grishechkin is still in charge of the kitchen. He approaches breakfast dishes in the usual way, adding original touches to well-known classics. For instance, Cococo Bistro’s shakshouka features mozzarella; millet porridge is made with poached egg, fried bacon, and parmesan; pancakes are served with dulce de leche cream and strawberries.
Perhaps the loudest and most anticipated opening of the year. Fine dining in the Dom 12 space has become the third iteration of the legendary Cococo restaurant by Matilda Shnurova. The project moves from place to place every four years exactly: in 2016, the institution moved from Nekrasov Street to Voznesensky Prospekt, and in 2020 New Holland became the new home of the restaurant. Permanent chef Igor Grishechkin still works with haute cuisine, rethinking Russian dishes. The guests of the restaurant are offered two gastronomic sets, and a small a la carte menu is only available in one of the three halls. The Cococouture interior with floor-to-ceiling windows, brick arched vaults and many mirrors deserves special admiration.
Perhaps the most ambitious project of the year, where even brioche is baked in the form of Michelin stars. Eclipse Chef Sergei Fokin works with local and seasonal products, putting an emphasis on ingredients from nearby forests. The restaurant is located in the village of Repino, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland: its opening was being prepared for several years. Eclipse offers only one of two dinners (eight or ten courses), but within the sets you may choose. The creators adopted this concept from the famous chef Joel Robuchon. You can choose from cold and hot snacks, as well as hot dishes and desserts.
Eggsellent is a gastronomic project from Moscow that opened a corner at Vasileostrovsky Market in the fall of 2019. You can choose one of the restaurant’s eleven dishes, including potato pancakes, sandwiches, toasts, pancakes, etc., or get creative and assemble your own dish. You get to pick the egg base (poached, fried, or scrambled eggs) and toppings: fried halloumi cheese, sausages, sun-dried tomatoes, and other ingredients. The market’s gastronomic section is currently closed due to coronavirus restrictions, but Eggsellent still offers takeaway.

Forno Bravo Centrale

A new Forno Bravo restaurant was open on Belinskogo Street in the former Farsh & Bochka gastro bar location. In addition to pizza and pasta, Forno Bravo also serves numerous antipasti, main courses, and desserts. Breakfasts are featured in a separate menu. In the morning, you can try the restaurant’s egg-based dishes, toasts, syrniki and brioche. Many dishes feature Russian specialties like pike roe and Tambovsky ham.
Futura Bistro is one of the most popular and busy restaurants on the Petrograd Side, located in the Lenpoligrafmash tech park. Their menu is changed and updated on a regular basis and generally depends on the time of day: so, breakfasts are served at Futura from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This is a place to try porridge with different toppings, desserts, Danish breakfasts with bread and pastries, and grilled cheese sandwiches.
When chef Andrey Krasov (Lucky Izakaya Bar, Eva, and other Moscow restaurants) joined ‘Garden’, this beautiful green restaurant on the Petrograd Side became one of the most exciting dining venues of the city. The new chef focuses on clear flavors, simple combinations, and authentic techniques. Garden started offering breakfasts when the spacious summer veranda was closed. They are served on vintage porcelain dishes. We recommend trying the cottage cheese pudding with raspberries and eggs Benedict with salmon; the former is an interpretation of crema catalana and crème brûlée, and the latter is simply delicious.
The entrepreneur Anri Ber opened the first corner under the Georgiani brand on the Vasileostrovsky market. In 2020, the project turned into a small chain: the flagship bistro began working on the Petrogradskaya side. The institution occupies a small space, but its importance for the gastronomic map of the city can hardly be overestimated — Georgiani not only prepares good Georgian food, but also regularly arranges collaborations with other restaurant projects. The teams of Commons, On Wine and Bolshoybar have already come to Chkalovsky Prospekt. On December 25, the bistro began serving breakfasts.
Grecco offers Mediterranean and Greek cuisine and occupies the location of the former Belka restaurant. The restaurant opened at the end of 2020. Chef Leonid Ivanov, who previously worked in Probka Family restaurants, is in charge of the kitchen. He prepares straightforward dishes with Greek accents: a variety of meze, prosecco-based okroshka (cold soup) with shrimp, Turkish flatbread, and several dishes with octopus. Grecco has a breakfast menu, divided into six sections: Flatbread; Garden; Eggs; Yogurt, Porridge, and Pancakes; Meze; Chef’s Specials. Many dishes are actually more complex than they appear at first sight: pastrami is made with salmon and tuna; an omelet with stracciatella features black truffle; flatbreads with various fillings resemble Saint Petersburg’s famous doughnuts («pyshki»): they are made from similar dough.
In the spring of 2021, restaurant-keeper Andrey Pertsev opened a large two-story restaurant on Vasilievsky Island called ‘Ognivo’. He is also launching ‘the Balagan’ food hall in the building of the former Primorsky Market. Pertsev’s smaller-scale eating venues include ‘Green 28’, a small Asian restaurant on the Petrograd Side. Breakfast dishes here are made with an Asian twist: rice porridge is served with Thai mango and one of the smoothie bowls features blue matcha. Still, the majority of menu items are quite international: potato pancakes are served with crab and spinach, while sandwiches are prepared with pastrami and two kinds of cheese. The restaurant’s main offering is the constructor of egg dishes. Guests can choose the preferred cooking method and various toppings: ham, avocado, shiitake mushrooms, and more.
Even after the opening of Matilda Shnurova’s restaurants at New Holland’s House 12, Kuznya remains one of the most important gastronomic residents of the island. Chef Ruslan Zakirov has included 16 items in the breakfast menu. You can try them in Kuznya House or Kuznya Cafe nearby. Several types of porridge, croissants with butter and jam, syrniki with berries and sour cream, egg dishes, brioche with different fillings, and other breakfast classics are served until 2 p.m.

Mad Espresso Team

Mad Espresso Team (MET) is a Saint Petersburg coffee shop chain that serves coffee, desserts, and main courses ranging from roasted Ramiro pepper soup to sandwiches with different toppings. MET offers breakfasts all day long. This includes syrniki made with ricotta cheese, Russian dumplings, oatmeal, rice porridge, potato pancakes, quiche with homemade dough, and kremetniki—puff pastries with cottage cheese, citrus fruit, and berries. Egg dishes are also on the menu: frittata, a big English breakfast, scrambled and glazed eggs with different toppings. You can try all of the above in the new coffee shop on Rimsky-Korsakov Avenue or in another chain cafe on 2nd Sovetskaya Street.
‘Made in China’ on Bolshaya Morskaya Street is often seen as an evening location with intriguing cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, but it actually also has a breakfast menu now. European dishes such as porridge, syrniki, toasts, crepes, and omelets are complemented with Asian flavors and accents. For example, ‘Made in China’ offers rice porridge served with pieces of mango, pineapple, passion fruit, and grated coconut. It looks like risotto and has a balanced taste with sour and sweet notes.
Mama Fugu is a democratic gastro bar with an Asian basis from restaurateurs Dmitry Bogachev and Eldar Muradov (Mr. Bo). The place was opened on the site of the «Kido» sushi bar: construction works were carried out in twelve days; multi-colored lanterns were hung over the bar counter. Initially, Mama Fugu’s menu was very concise, but it was updated in November. Now guests are offered more fish positions — for example, a tuna bowl with truffle sauce.
‘Mr. Bo’ is an original restaurant in Manezhny Lane where Dmitry Bogachev and Eldar Muradov reinterpret Asian cuisine. The restaurant opened in 2018 but started serving breakfasts only in 2021. Morning dishes from Bogachev and Muradov follow the venue’s general gastronomic concept: the chefs add a pan-Asian twist to famous recipes. They make Thai-style crepes, an omelet with octopus and tomatoes and bulgur with shiitake mushrooms and eel. Another example of this approach is Hot Duck, an interpretation of the classic hot dog with duck breast and kimchi. Make sure you try Mr. Bo’s sous vide eggs that resemble poached eggs but have a completely different texture. Oysters can be added to any breakfast. All guests are offered sparkling wine: classic or non-alcoholic.
Oggi Bistro is a new Duoband project that began work at ‘The Bottle’ in New Holland at the end of the year. The ideologist of the restaurant group Dmitry Blinov admitted that at first the team wanted to open a home café with classic Italian food, but in the end, it didn’t work: «They turned everything upside down again.» The creators describe the concept of the place as «Modern Italian food by Russian chefs». The menu features reimagined Italian dishes such as romaine tonnato. Lamb Bolognese in Oggi is served with smoked feta cheese, and tiramisu is even served «disassembled».

Ôpetit bistro

‘The Ôpetit’ chain of French bakeries and pastry shops already has three locations: on Blokhina Street, Nevsky Avenue, and in Vasileostrovsky Market. A new bistro on Nekrasova Street opened this spring. In addition to French main courses, it also has a wine menu that focuses on biodynamic and organic varieties. As for breakfasts, ‘Ôpetit’ makes nutritious bulgur porridge, scrambled eggs with salmon served on lime bread, cottage cheese mousse with cherry compote, and other dishes. If you are not hungry, get a cup of coffee and a croissant with various fillings.
Aram Mnatsakanov’s Italian restaurant on Dobrolyubov Avenue offers a proper breakfast menu. You can order eggs Benedict with salmon, scrambled eggs with avocado on a challah bun, zucchini fritters, syrniki with farmers sour cream, oatmeal, homemade fritters, and other dishes. Savory dishes can be topped with mortadella, black truffle and caviar, and desserts — with fresh berries, peanut butter, and floral honey.

Salone Pasta & Bar

A new Italian restaurant on the Fontanka embankment was opened by the creators of the Spanish gastro bar Atelier Tapas & Bar on the Petrogradskaya side. Initially, the place was called Atelier Tapas & Bar, but just a month later, the name was changed — apparently, so that guests would not confuse the two projects. In the Salone, visitors are offered non-trivial Italian food: Tuscan papa pomodoro soup, Ligurian octopus, pizza pazza and other similar items. A small Nonino Room bar will soon appear in the establishment.
The chef and co-owner of the Israeli bistro on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street, Antonio Fresa likes breakfasts as well. Saviv serves both oriental and international dishes, from croissants with chocolate and hazelnut to fried eggs with black truffle. However, the Israeli accent is still present: eggs and avocado are served on pita bread, and brownies are complemented with tahini. Sets are also on the menu: you can get a croissant with fresh orange juice and coffee for 590 rubles (about $8.0) or a glass of cava with eggs Benedict for 750 rubles (about $10).
The neobistro on Kirochnaya opened in fall 2020: it occupied a semi-basement place in that part of the street that previously could not boast of interesting gastronomic projects. The restaurant’s kitchen is headed by Viktor Gusev («The Dreamers»), who manages to work in two places at once. In the new restaurant, the chef continued to experiment with non-standard techniques and unconventional combinations of tastes — as a result, he has good modernist dishes that are worth trying.
This cafe near Chkalovskaya metro station opened in the spring of 2019. ‘Sight’ has since become one of the most famous breakfast places on the entire Petrograd Side. The menu is quite minimalistic and includes an omelet with oyster mushrooms, eggs Benedict with salmon, granola with cashew yogurt, French toast with matcha and gooseberries, and several other popular dishes. After 12 p.m., you can complement these options with any dish from the main menu, from pumpkin seed hummus to a beef burger.
This cafe in Baskov Lane opened in 2017. Its creator Kirill Ivanov took part in launching the second floor of Podpisnie Izdania («Subscription Editions», bookstore) and supervises the coffee shop located in the bookstore. The menu includes breakfast essentials: two types of sandwiches (with confit chicken and Circassian cheese), two types of porridge (pearl barley and rice), granola, and curd pancakes. For especially hungry guests, Smena offers a big breakfast with scrambled or fried eggs and various toppings (we recommend trying salmon gravlax). On weekends, Smena has special sets on the menu that change every week.
‘Stereo’ pizza restaurant by Bakunin Brewery was originally opened on Piskarevsky Avenue, but in the fall of 2020, it moved from Bolshaya Okhta to Zhukovskogo Street. In addition to classic Neapolitan pizza from the famous pizzaiolo Valery Maksimchik, Stereo also makes fresh pasta and breakfasts. The menu includes 17 dishes divided into three sections. Sweet options range from vegan banana oat pancakes with dried apricots with peanut-and-coconut sauce to sweet risotto with citrus fruits and almonds. The majority of savory dishes are made with brioche, baked in the same wood-fired oven used to make Neapolitan pizza.


Arkady Novikov’s big restaurant in Kovensky Lane changed at the end of 2020, when Mikhail Kuchma, the ex-chef of ‘12’, took charge of the restaurant’s kitchen. Mikhail preserved the restaurant’s main theme (‘Syrovarnya’ is the Russian for cheese factory) but has already updated the menu. The selection of breakfast dishes has been changed as well: in addition to omelets and crepes, the new chef now offers Roman toasts with cherry sauce, buckwheat with avocado, parmesan, and poached egg, and other dishes. We highly recommend their persimmon with ricotta and salted caramel.
Another iconic breakfast place is The Dreamers cafe on the Fontanka Embankment. The price of every breakfast includes coffee or tea, and the range of options is very diverse: there are three different types of potato pancakes and syrniki, and four types of omelets. Other dishes include millet porridge, oatmeal, sandwiches, and French toast. You can also order a glass of sparkling wine with your breakfast for 190 rubles (about $2.6) or a glass of champagne for 650 rubles (about $8.9). A Bellini will cost you 390 rubles (about $5.3).
‘Vakh’ opened on the Petrograd Side in April. Nana Meskhia-Dzhgarkava, ex-chef of Pryanosti i Radosti near Gorkovskaya metro station, masters the kitchen. The restaurant focuses on traditional Georgian dishes, Georgian wine, and original cocktails of various strengths. ‘Vakh’ offers Georgian-style brunches: omelet with bryndza sheep cheese and eggs Benedict served as Oajarian-style khachapuri. The menu also includes national dishes: vegetable omelet chirbuli and kvari dumplings with homemade suluguni cheese.
The wine bar on Rubinshteina Street also serves breakfasts: chef Dmitry Reshetnikov has created a dedicated small menu, available until 6 p.m. Breakfast classics are prepared with an original twist. Zazazu’s syrniki are made with almost no flour, complemented by condensed milk with passion fruit, and brioche is accompanied by foie gras terrine and black caviar. If you want to order some sparkling wine, we recommend having a glass of cava, prosecco, crémant, or champagne for breakfast.
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