Our venue

The Expoforum International Convention & Exhibition Centre is the official operator of the ICM. It opened its doors to visitors in 2014. It can host business and cultural events of any scale and complexity, and has been the venue for many high-profile events including the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Expoforum award-winning spaces house everything a modern congress needs, including two on-site hotels, a variety of restaurants and an excellent catering service, press center, medical center, and more. It is equipped with state-of-the-art systems for sound, projection, registration, broadband Wi-Fi, visitor control, fire prevention, ventilation etc. The catering service is experienced in serving people with many different dietary restrictions and needs.

All ICM participants will be able to attend the opening ceremony of the ICM. The hall, in which the opening ceremony will take place, is large enough to accommodate well over 8000 people, so no overflow space will be needed.

Getting to the venue

Those not staying in the on-site hotels, will have no difficulty getting to the expoforum either by special shuttle buses, public transportation, or taxi.

There will be frequent shuttles from the Expoforum to the nearest subway station. Regular shuttle buses with the ICM logo will run between the Expoforum, major hotels, and the city center.

Public transit will be made free for all ICM participants. Going by car or taxi, one has the option to take the newly constructed Western High Speed diameter. Soaring high above the ground, this futuristic highway takes one to Vasilyevsky Island in about 30 minutes. In July, the city traffic is light.

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