• These rules determine the order and conditions of use of the information, news and other materials placed on this portal https://icm2022.org/.
  • Any materials published on this web site are subject to copyright protection under the laws of the Russian Federation.
  • The materials published on this portal are understood as texts, graphics, photos, video, audio and other materials (hereinafter referred to as «Materials»), the exclusive rights to which belong to the owner of this portal.
  • The use of materials published on this portal is allowed only with the consent (written or other form) of the Management or Administration of this portal. Free usage of materials is allowed only in cases, which are directly stipulated in paragraphs below of these rules.

These rules cover the following users: news agencies, electronic and print media, natural persons and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as «Users»).

This portal is not responsible for the content of websites to which hyperlinks are provided and for the User’s use of materials posted on them, including copyright registration and information regarding such registration, which is accessible or obtained via external websites or resources, or any other contact the User has entered via the information posted on websites or links to external resources.

Use of Materials. Types of Use

The use of materials means their reproduction, distribution, public display, broadcasting, communication by cable, translation, processing, communication to the public and other ways of use envisaged by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Use free of charge:

  • Any materials from this portal may be used without written consent and free of charge, provided that the user is a natural person, and such use is for personal purposes only.
  • Use of any content from this portal by religious and charitable organizations, as well as any educational institutions free of charge is possible only after receiving a written permission.
  • Any Users can use news materials of this portal without obtaining a written permission of Administration and on a gratuitous basis. In this case, in each case of use of news materials, users are obliged to provide a link to the source and a hyperlink to this portal, from which the materials have been borrowed.
  • Making any changes and/or additions to materials in this portal, as well as any revision of materials is prohibited.

Other uses:

  • Commercial use of materials from this portal is subject to written agreements.
  • The use of photo, graphic, video, audio and other materials published on this portal, belonging to the portal owner or other third party allowed only upon written consent of the portal owner.
  • The parties on a case-by-case basis shall negotiate the price of use of each specific material.
  • In case it is necessary to use materials from this portal belonging to third parties, the Users are obliged to contact the right holders of such materials.

Responsibilities of Users when using materials

When using materials from this web site for any purpose other than personal use, the reference to this web site is obligatory:
  • In printed publications or other forms on tangible media Users are obliged in each case of use of materials to specify the source — site «ICM.ORG» (https://icm2022.org/)
  • In Internet or other forms of use in electronic form, in each case of use of materials Users shall place a hyperlink to the site «ICM.ORG» (https://icm2022.org/)

The reference to the source or hyperlink must be placed by the User at the beginning of the text material used, as well as directly below the audio, video, photo or graphic material used in the publication. The font size of the link or hyperlink must not be smaller than the font size of the text in which the material from the publication is used, or the font size of the User’s text accompanying the audio, video, photographic and graphical material in this portal.

Use of material from secondary sources is possible only with a reference to such sources.

When using materials from this portal no modifications of the original text are allowed. Reducing the content of this site is possible only if it does not lead to perversion of its meaning. In that case, Users are solely responsible for any distortion of meaning.

Users are not obliged to indicate on their websites or RSS feeds the release time of news items identical or earlier than on this portal.

This portal reserves a right to change these rules unilaterally at any time without any notifications to Users. Any changes will be posted on the Website — https://icm2022.org/. The changes come into force from the moment they published on the website. This page contains the current version of the Rules.

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