St. Petersburg Conference in Spectral Theory and Mathematical Physics

June 22 — 26, 2022, St. Petersburg, Russia


St. Petersburg State University with Euler International Mathematical Institute in St. Petersburg and the St. Petersburg department of the Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Spectral theory and mathematical physics have been among the highlights of the St. Petersburg mathematics school over many decades, and locals L.D. Faddeev, M.Sh. Birman, and V.S. Buslaev are known as worldwide leaders in these fields. Several generations of researchers from St. Petersburg, working both in Russia and abroad, have been successful in defining a significant part of the international mathematical physics and spectral theory community.

The conference is devoted to spectral theory and its applications in modern mathematical physics. There will be talks on the general operator theory, differential, integral and difference operators, scattering theory, inverse problems, periodic and ergodic operators, asymptotic methods and applications, e.g., on modern quantum physics and nonlinear physics. We also plan to organize talks devoted to interesting general analytical problems.

Our conference continues a series of St.Petersburg conferences in spectral theory. Funds are available to promote participation of speakers without independent sources of funding, particularly young researchers, female mathematicians and other underrepresented groups.

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