Real, Complex, Functional Analysis and Related Topics

JUNE 20 — 24, 2022 KURSK, RUSSIA


Kursk State University, Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics with Computing Centre — Subdivision of the Ufa Federal Research Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, Chelyabinsk State University.


The conference has three areas of focus: 1. Theory of functions and theory of approximations. 2. Real, complex and functional analysis. 3. Differential equations and equations of mathematical physics.

Scientific and applied scientific lectures and reports will be presented. The range of topics will include the fundamental foundations of function theory and analysis, approximation theory and operator theory, methods and problems of harmonic analysis (methods of real and complex variables), differential equations and equations of mathematical physics.

A number of conference sections will be organized jointly as the subject of cooperation with university research teams, teams from academia, and foreign research teams. Key speakers and conference participants are leading experts and scientists from Russia and more than 17 other countries: Algeria, Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Italy, Norway, Spain, Israel, Serbia, the USA, Turkey, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, India and Japan. World-class experts will give lectures on general areas in modern mathematics, focusing on promising subjects and applications. There will also be round tables to discuss interesting problems and lines of research in mathematics. One, «Women in Science and Education,» will be organized to discuss the contemporary and historical contributions women have made to the mathematical sciences. The organizing committee also plans to organize partial financial support for young participants and scientists from a number of emerging economies using their own funds as well as in cooperation with Russian and foreign funds.

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