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The announcements and ceremonies for IMU awards, prizes, and special lecture are a vital part of the ICM program. The ICM opening ceremony will devote special attention to awarding the Fields Medal, which recognize outstanding mathematical achievement and is considered by many the highest honors in mathematics, and the first IMU Abacus Medal, which honors groundbreaking contributions in scientific computing and the mathematical aspects of computer science. Of no lesser importance are the Gauss Prize, Chern Medal, Leelavati Prize, and Emmy Noether Lecture.

Fields Medal
Recognizes outstanding mathematical achievement, it was first awarded in 1936. Chair of the 2022 Prize Selection Committee: Carlos E. Kenig
Abacus Medal
Honors distinguished achievements in the mathematical aspects of information science, will be awarded for the first time in 2022. Replaces the Rolf Nevanlinna Prize, which was awarded from 1982 to 2018. Chair of the 2022 Prize Selection Committee: James
Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize
Awarded for outstanding mathematical contributions with significant applications outside mathematics, first awarded in 2006. Chair of the 2022 Prize Selection Committee: Eva Tardos
Chern Medal Award
Awarded to an individual whose accomplishments warrant the highest level of recognition for outstanding achievements in the field of mathematics, first awarded in 2010. Chair of the 2022 Prize Selection Committee: Yakov
Leelavati Prize
Recognizes outstanding public outreach work for mathematics, awarded by the IMU since 2010. Sponsored by Infosys since 2014. Chair of the 2022 Prize Selection Committee: Pavel Etingof
ICM Emmy Noether Lecture
Honors women who have made fundamental and sustained contributions to the mathematical sciences, presented for the first time in 1994. Chair of the 2022 ICM Emmy Noether Lecture Committee: Sylvia Serfaty

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Congratulations to Marie-France Vignéras who will give the 2022 IMU Emmy Noether Lecture in St. Petersburg! Read the presentation of her work by Jean-Loup Waldspurger
Thu Jan 27 2022 19:40:04 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)