Petersburg Positivity

21 June — 1 July, 2022


Petersburg Positivity is organized by Saint Petersburg State University and Mathematical Salon.


Plenary speakers: Denny Leung (University of Singapore), Ben de Pagter (Delft University of Technology), Fedor Sukhochev (University of New South Wales), Pedro Tradacede (ICMAT), Sergey Astashkin (Samara University), Anatolii Kusraev (Vladikavkaz Science Center of the RAS), Evgeny Shchepin (Steklov Mathematical Institute of the RAS), and Valeriy Zakharov (Moscow State University). The conference will be devoted to order structures and their applications in analysis, functional analysis, and operator theory. Especially important for young participants, PhD students included, the Positivity conferences offer an excellent opportunity to bring together a variety of mathematicians with a common interest: order structures.

Thu Nov 18 2021 12:15:26 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)