Motives and Related Topics

June 27 — July 1, 2022, St. Petersburg, Russia


Euler International Mathematical Institute in St. Petersburg.

The Euler IMI is a major research center for mathematical sciences in Russia hosting numerous research activities each year. It is located close to the most popular tourist routes of St. Petersburg.


The areas of focus will include: motives and motivic homotopy theory, K-theory, quadratic forms, algebraic groups and torsors, applications to algebraic geometry, number theory and algebraic topology.


The conference will bring together leading world experts working in these areas and help to foster new collaborations. There will be an emphasis on enabling young mathematicians to meet and interact with established experts. This satellite conference is dedicated to the memory of Andrei Suslin and Vladimir Voevodsky.

Thu Nov 18 2021 14:19:42 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)