Math Circles Around the World

July 1—3, 2022


Math Circles Around the World, an ICM satellite, will be held in St. Petersburg at Lyceum 239.


The satellite will have a broad scope, bringing together global leaders committed to training the next generation of young students through math outreach programs: math circles, camps, competitions, and math literature. The platform will be used to share ideas and perspectives related to those efforts. Historically, math circles in Russia have been supported and promoted by leading figures in the mathematical research community. One of the goals of this unique satellite is to highlight the importance and ubiquity of math outreach programs to the junior mathematicians attending the congress, as they are the future leaders in our field. Financial support will be available to help offset travel costs, especially for untenured faculty and mathematicians from underrepresented groups.

Thu Nov 18 2021 14:18:03 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)