Knot Theory and Applications

June 29—July 5, 2022, Tomsk (Russia)


The main conference topics are tentatively split into the following subjects:

  • Modern problems of classical and virtual knots (Section A),
  • Braid groups, fundamental groups, quandles, link homology, and other algebraic structures in knot theory (Section B),
  • Knots, manifolds, and orbifolds (Section C),
  • Methods of knot theory in natural sciences (Section D).

The conference program will include 50-minute plenary talks, 25-minute sectional talks, and popular lectures. The sectional talks will be presented primarily by young mathematicians.


The purpose of the conference in Tomsk is to emphasize how important the study of knots is and establish general connections between low-dimensional topology, statistical physics, and biology. Together, they constitute a new interdisciplinary branch of natural science that studies the methods of knot theory.

Thu Nov 18 2021 14:15:07 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)