International School of Young Scientists: Modelling and Optimization of Complex Systems MOCS-2022

June 30–July 5, 2022


The International School of Young Scientists will host “Modelling and Optimization of Complex Systems” in Suzdal, Vladimir region.

Conference Program Committee: Sergey M. Aseev (chairman), Alexey A. Davydov (vice chairman), Vladimir M. Veliov. Conference Organizing Committee: Alexey A. Davydov (chairman), Lyudmila I. Rodina (vice chairman), Evgeniy V. Vinnikov, Elena V. Shelepova, Pavel A. Yaskov.

Among the organizers of International School of Young Scientists’ “Modelling and Optimization of Complex Systems” are the Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Lomonosov Moscow State University, the National University of Science and Technology MISIS, and Vladimir State University.

Location: MOCS-2022 will be held in Suzdal, Vladimir region.

Suzdal is part of the Golden Ring cluster of ancient towns and boasts a population of nearly 10,500 people. Traditionally, MOCS schools are held at the Suzdal Main Hotel and Tourist Complex, which offers comfortable accommodation and all the conference rooms needed for the sessions.


The MOCS-2022 scientific program has been confirmed to include the following minicourses: “Models and novel approaches to studying life expectancy and population ageing,” “Dynamic effects of population age structure in modern models of endogenous economic growth,” and “Population dynamics and nonlinear integral equations.” We are also awaiting positive replies from Professor G. Bock and Professor K. Kunisch regarding mini courses as part of MOCS-2022.

The total number of participants is expected to be around 60 mathematicians with nearly 50 young scientists.

The school scientific program will include around five minicourses, 30 oral presentations lasting 30 minutes each, and poster sessions. Young scientists will also be encouraged to apply for a scholarship to cover part of their accommodation and living expenses.

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