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New edition of the 'Mechanisms by Tchebyshev' website
4 May, 22:00

 According to the 'old-style' Julian calendar on the 4th of May we can celebrate a birth of a great Russian mathematician Pafnuty Chebyshev. As a part of a celebration a new version of web museum 'Mechanisms by Tchebyshev' has opened.

Who is the man in the picture ?
3 May, 17:49

A recent ICM News article featured a photo of A. B. Sosinsky giving a lecture at the summer school “Modern Mathematics” in Dubna. Learn more about the person and the event! Узнайте больше! 

Interview with Mikhail Marov
13 April, 02:19

Math is a rocket science! On the occasion of 60th anniversary of Gagarin's flight, InScience.News reporter Anna Soldatenko interviewed Mikhail Marov. He began his scientific career during the first Soviet space projects, and the great mathematician Mstislav Keldysh was his teacher. 

The Damned Number 125
12 April, 17:31

There is a legend that, in case of an emergency, Yuri Gagarin was supposed to open an envelope with a simple mathematical problem inside. Natalia Deryugina analyzes this legend on the 60th anniversary of Gagarin's flight.

Contributed to ICM News by InScience.News 

Interview with Yakov Sinai
14 March, 14:34

“To be a good mathematician, you need inner voice” In an interview with “ОгонёкЪ”, Yakov Sinai speaks about becoming a mathematician, Kolmogorov, prizes, and the ICM. Read More.

Olga Alexandrovna Ladyzhenskaya
8 July 2019, 20:00

2022, the year of the ICM, will mark 100th birthday of O. A. Ladyzhenskaya, who occupies a very special place in the history of St. Petersburg mathematics. The organizers of the ICM are planning to celebrate the life and the legacy of Olga Alexandrovna in a multitude of ways. 

We think it is very fitting to devote the first issue of ICM news to essays about OAL written by renowned experts, people who either knew her well or who were influenced by her in a transformative way. This collection contains essays by P. Daskalopoulos, by A. Vershik, by L. Kapitanski and N. Reshetikhin, and by D. Apushkinskaya and A. Nazarov.

Click here to download the Ladyzhenskaya issue of the ICM newsletter.  

Welcome to the ICM News
8 June 2019, 15:45

Welcome to the ICM news blog!

Here you can search the posts by date, or by keywords like #events, #travel, #funding, #history etc. Stay tuned for the information about #satellites, opportunities for #volunteers, or the news about the ICM booth traveling to mathematics events around the globe.

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