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EMS Kovalevskaya Travel Grant to attend ICM2022
16 September, 11:00

The European Mathematical Society announced travel grants within the Kovalevskaya grants framework. These grants are for graduate students, postdocs and other early career mathematicians traveling to ICM 2022. They are given in partnership with ICM 2022 LOC and are established in addition to the national Kovalevskay grants. Approximately 150 grants will be awarded. See the announcement on the ECM web site for complete information, and note that the application should be received by October 15th, 2021. 

Prize for young Russian mathematicians — a ticket to ICM 2022
31 May, 11:11

The Educational Foundation “Talent and Success” announced a prize for young mathematicians of Russia. All talented young mathematicians — students, graduate students, and young scientists — are welcome to apply. The only restriction is that the nominee has to be less than 35 years old. The winners will be announced in August at the All-Russian Conference of Mathematical Centers in Sochi. The laureates will receive not only the prize itself but also a grant for participation in the International Congress of Mathematicians 2022 in St. Petersburg.  #русский 

Funding opportunities by country
21 April, 14:25

At the “Funding opportunities by countries” page you can find the relevant information available. This page is regularly updated, so you can always check back later to find out if new opportunities have appeared.

Two years to ICM 2022
29 July 2020, 03:14

The July 2020 issue of the ICM newsletter reports on the preparations for the ICM, and the next steps, with two years to go. Please follow the link to open the newsletter.  In this issue:

  1. Greetings from Tatiana A. Golikova, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Co-chair of the ICM EOC, and from Alexander D. Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg, ICM EOC member
  2. A word from the organizers of the European Congress of Mathematics
  3. ECM prizes announced
  4. Don“t miss a chance to nominate your math hero for the IMU prizes! 
  5. A new prize: Ladyzhenskaya Medal in Mathematical Physics
  6. An update on ICM 2022 satellites
  7. Information about Chebyshev grants and Kovalevskaya grants.
The Chebyshev grant
21 November 2019, 00:03

The Russian mathematical community is excited to welcome colleagues from all around the world to the ICM 2022 in Saint Petersburg! We want the mathematical communities from every part of the globe to gather at the ICM, and so the Local Organizing Committee is launching the Chebyshev grant, which will provide full support, that is, airfare and local expenses in St Petersburg, to 1000 participants from the developing countries. The application process and selection of candidates will be administered by the IMU Commission for Developing Countries (CDC) in collaboration the Local Organizing Committee. The details of the application process will be announced soon on the ICM website. 

The Kovalevskaya grant
18 November 2019, 16:23

The Local Organizing Committee of the ICM 2022 is seeking collaboration from all adhering organizations of the IMU, as well as international and national math societies, academies, and scientific funding agencies on a #funding  initiative aimed at boosting the participation of junior mathematicians in the ICM 2022. The funding initiative, the Kovalevskaya grant, will allow early career mathematicians to attend the ICM, thereby increasing the ICM potential to encourage and inspire young researchers worldwide. Click the image/title for more info or here for a letterhead pdf version. 

Call for Satellites
29 July 2019, 12:49

The Organizing Committee of the ICM 2022 in Saint Petersburg is calling for proposals to hold satellite conferences, workshops and schools either before or after the Congress. As #satellites form an integral and crucial component of the ICM, the  organizing committee encourages an active response from the mathematics community in proposing and organizing satellites. Click the image/title for more info or here for a letterhead pdf version. 

Welcome to the ICM News
8 June 2019, 15:45

Welcome to the ICM news blog!

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