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Prize for young Russian mathematicians — a ticket to ICM 2022
31 May, 11:11

The Educational Foundation “Talent and Success” announced a prize for young mathematicians of Russia. All talented young mathematicians — students, graduate students, and young scientists — are welcome to apply. The only restriction is that the nominee has to be less than 35 years old. The winners will be announced in August at the All-Russian Conference of Mathematical Centers in Sochi. The laureates will receive not only the prize itself but also a grant for participation in the International Congress of Mathematicians 2022 in St. Petersburg.  #русский 

New edition of the 'Mechanisms by Tchebyshev' website
4 May, 22:00

 According to the 'old-style' Julian calendar on the 4th of May we can celebrate a birth of a great Russian mathematician Pafnuty Chebyshev. As a part of a celebration a new version of web museum 'Mechanisms by Tchebyshev' has opened.

Who is the man in the picture ?
3 May, 17:49

A recent ICM News article featured a photo of A. B. Sosinsky giving a lecture at the summer school “Modern Mathematics” in Dubna. Learn more about the person and the event! Узнайте больше! 

Mathematical park
28 April, 15:00

In this issue of the ICM #travel blog we're heading to Maykop, Adygea, where a piece of pure art, the mathematical museum, has opened in 2018. This issue is fulfilled with charming pictures of the parks main exhibition and excites you with a feeling of a fine line between art and science. Read more.  Читать подробнее