The Kovalevskaya grant

18 November 2019, 16:23

The Local Organizing Committee of the ICM 2022 is seeking collaboration from all adhering organizations of the IMU, as well as international and national math societies, academies, and scientific funding agencies on a #funding initiative aimed at boosting the participation of junior mathematicians in the ICM 2022.

The funding initiative, the Kovalevskaya grant, will allow early career mathematicians to attend the ICM, thereby increasing the ICM potential to encourage and inspire young researchers worldwide. This grant will provide local expenses in St Petersburg to 1300 early career mathematicians from Russia and the world. The LOC invites participation of the adhering organizations and funding agencies around the globe in the selection of the recipients of the Kovalevskaya grants. The home country organization will be expected to provide the nomination materials and adequate travel expenses from the home country to St Petersburg for each nominee, while the LOC and the Kovalevskaya grant will take care of the local logistics and expenses. Please contact the organizers at for further details and especially if you are interested in establishing such a collaboration.

For a letterhead pdf version of this announcement, see here