Applications for the Chebyshev Grants program are now open!

2 March, 01:59

The Local Organizing Committee of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2022 in St. Petersburg (ICM) announces that applications for Chebyshev grants for participants from developing countries are now open. The Congress will be held from 6 to 14 July 2022, in St. Petersburg. The Local Organizing Committee is hoping to support up to a thousand mathematicians via this initiative.

Pafnuty Chebyshev was the founder of the St. Petersburg mathematical school of the 19th century. His interests were very broad: he worked in number theory, probability theory, numerical analysis, mathematical analysis, geometry, and applied mathematics. You can learn more about Chebyshev's profound contributions to mathematics here.

The Chebyshev Grants program, funded by the Government of the Russian Federation, will provide full support (including airfare and local expenses in Saint-Petersburg) to 1,000 mathematicians from developing countries to attend the Congress. The application process is organized by six geographical regions: Africa, Latin America, Northeastern Asia, Southeastern Asia & Pacific, Western Asia, Eastern Europe. The applications will be evaluated by regional panels appointed by the IMU Commission on Developing Countries. These panels are composed of 36 experts from developing countries from all over the world, with an excellent balance of geography, fields of expertise, and gender. The selection will be merit-based, with particular attention given to the participation of the early-career mathematicians and women, as well as to the geographic balance. 

“Mathematics is a common language for all people on Earth, and it knows no boundaries. Mathematical knowledge easily overcomes mountains and oceans, and our task is to help talented mathematicians from all over the world overcome all these obstacles. We are grateful to the Russian side for supporting this initiative and are confident that thanks to these efforts, the Congress in St. Petersburg will continue the wonderful tradition of multinationality and openness for the development of mathematics throughout the world.”                                 

Dipendra Prasad, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, President of IMU CDC, IAC 

“From its very foundation, St. Petersburg has been attracting scientists from different countries and cultures. We believe that the Congress will become a wonderful continuation of this glorious tradition. It is no coincidence that Chebyshev grants are announced before anything else when there is still a year and a half before our event: a broad representation of talented mathematicians from different countries is our priority, and grants and visa-free entry should make their participation easier.”

Stanislav Smirnov, Head of the Chebyshev Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory at St. Petersburg State University, Professor of the University of Geneva, deputy co-chair of the EOC, co-chair of the LOC

The preference will be given to those applicants who apply for Chebyshev grants before May 31, 2021. The results will be announced in September - 10 months prior to the opening of the ICM. You can find more detailed information on grants, conditions for their receipt, and application methods on the website.

The International Congress of Mathematicians, organized once every four years, is the world's most important mathematical event. The first Congress was held in Zurich in 1897. At the Congress, the main mathematical awards are presented, in particular, the Fields Medal. The Congress was held in Russia only once before, in 1966. It took place at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.