Asymptotic Geometric Analysis (AGA V)

June 29 — July 5, 2022, St. Petersburg, Russia

Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Computer Science


Euler International Mathematical Institute.

The International Conference on Asymptotic Geometric Analysis has been held every third year at EIMI since 2010.


Asymptotic Geometric Analysis (AGA) lies at the crossroads of geometry and analysis stemming from the study of geometric properties of finite dimensional normed spaces. In particular, it looks at the characteristic behavior that emerges when a dimension, or some other relevant free parameter, is very large or tends to infinity. The general framework and methods of this field are increasingly needed in many applied fields in order to understand high-dimensional systems and phenomena. As a result, AGA has branched into many unexpected directions. AGA connects geometry with analysis in a nontrivial way, but it also extends to several areas of probability, including random matrix theory, aspects of graph theory, and random sampling. AGA impacts multiple areas of mathematics and related fields through new developments, particularly the study of phenomena that is closely related to the behavior of singular values of random matrices, as well as to the problem of approximating the covariance matrix by random sampling.


The 5th edition of the conference as an ICM satellite is expected to bring together many researchers and leading experts in the field at a productive high-level scientific event. AGA V will have open registration and the organizing committee plans to support young researchers and researchers without grants.

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