ICM team is happy to announce that the Volunteer campaign for the congress is set to launch. The recruitment and selection procedure details can be found on this webpage.

The applicants must be over 18 years old and fluently speaking Russian and English. Also speaking other languages Proficiency in other languages (Chinese, Spanish, French, German, etc.) would be your competitive advantage. We are expecting candidates that exhibit curiosity and passion for mathematics, demonstrate commitment to the volunteer program of ICM and display great team skills.

Volunteers will be involved in all areas and at all venues of the ICM, including the General Assembly, cultural and business program facilities. The main volunteer activities are: accreditation of the participants, welcoming of the guests at the airport and train stations, navigation and information support of participants, work with journalists in the press center and on the main stage of the Congress at Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Each volunteer will receive training, as well as the necessary instructions from the specialists of the Volunteer Center. Besides, participation in ICM is an excellent way to improve your professional and communicative skills. A festive gala event will be organized for all volunteers, where they will receive personalized letters of gratitude from the organizers.

The International Congress of Mathematicians will be held in Saint-Petersburg, on July 6-14. Therefore, we anticipate volunteers to be employed from July 4 to July 16, 2022.

  • Application deadline: March 1, 2022
  • Interviewing of candidates: December 2021 — April 2022
  • Distribution by functional areas and shifts: April 2022
  • Training: May — June 2022
  • Issuance of accreditation and uniforms: June 2022
  • Volunteer time for ICM: July 2022

Ready to become an ICM volunteer?

Apply for an ICM volunteer program. We look forward to working with the enthusiasm and initiative of our volunteers to make the event a success.

Being an ICM volunteer is a unique opportunity for self‑improvement and invaluable experience, because you can:

  • Participate in the most important mathematical event of the quadrennium
  • Join the international mathematical community
  • Make new friends
  • Practice your English and get to know other languages
  • Receive a commendation from your university for your community service
  • Improve your professional and conversational skills or acquire new ones
  • Receive promotional gifts and souvenirs from ICM
  • Have an unforgettable experience and enjoy a celebration of mathematics
  • Take part in autograph sessions
  • Take part in the final volunteer event Farewell Party

Volunteer package includes:

  • ICM branded volunteer outfits
  • Specialized training
  • Free accommodation
  • Free meals
  • Free transportation
  • Certificate of participation
  • Health insurance


How to apply?
Go to https://icm2022.org, find the Volunteering section and click Become a volunteer. Fill out your contact information. You will receive an email with a confirmation of registration, as well as username and password from your personal account. Then you have to fill the volunteer candidate questionnaire, to read the agreement about personal data processing and the rules of ICM. After all fields of the questionnaire are filled out correctly, click Publish.

To register a volunteer’s personal account it is preferable to use the mail services Yandex or Google.

When does volunteer registration begin?
Volunteer registration for ICM in St. Petersburg will open on December 1, 2021.
When will I get an answer from the organizer?
In the process of processing of volunteer candidates’ questionnaires we check the information provided and its compliance with the specified formal criteria. After the questionnaire is reviewed, the candidate will receive an invitation for an interview by email to the address specified in the questionnaire. The candidate questionnaire may be reviewed for up to 3 weeks. For the interview, the volunteer candidate is given the opportunity to choose the date and time of the interview. Postponing an interview is possible no more than 1 time, if the interview is postponed more than 2 times, the candidate is rejected. Residents of St. Petersburg can have an interview in person at the Volunteer Center ICM and candidates from other cities can have an interview online.
Why was the application rejected?
An application from a volunteer candidate may be rejected if the candidate provided incomplete or incorrect data. If the data contained in the volunteer application form does not fulfill the formal criteria, the volunteer candidate will be notified to provide correct data or not to participate further in the selection process. If, while checking the questionnaire filled out by the candidate, incorrect fields are detected, the volunteer candidate may make the necessary changes within two weeks from the day following the day of receipt of the information notice about the need to enter the correct data. In case the data contained in the volunteer application form are not corrected in time, the volunteer application will be rejected. The organizer reserves the right to reject the application without giving any reasons.
How do I know if a volunteer has been selected?
The results of the selection process will be emailed to all candidates.
What should I do if I don’t receive an email to confirm my account?
Check your spam and newsletter folders in your inbox.
What should I do if I forgot my password?
Enter the email address you specified during registration for your Live Account. An email with a link to recover your password will be sent to this email address.
How do I become an ICM volunteer?

To apply as an ICM volunteer, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Age over 18 (at the time of registration for the event);
  • Fluent English and Russian languages;
  • Ability to be fully available from the start of training and throughout all days of the ICM.
How are the volunteers selected?
  • Initial screening of registered applications for meeting basic criteria;
  • Individual competency-based interview;
  • English language test;
  • Online interview for candidates who do not live in St. Petersburg.

At the end of the application stage, the candidate receives an information letter to the email indicated in the application form, with the result of consideration of his/her application for participation. Candidate’s application form may be reviewed for up to 3 weeks.

According to the results of the selection stage, the candidate receives an email indicated in the application form, a newsletter with the results of the selection stage. The results of the test and interview are not provided and not disclosed to the candidates. The results of the test may be reviewed for up to 3 weeks.

After all phases of the selection process, candidates will move on to the training phase, which will depend on the functional area of work. The duration of the training may vary depending on the area of work. Only after passing all phases of selection and training the candidate will be able to receive ICM’22 volunteer accreditation. Candidates who scored the maximum number of points at the end of the interview take part in the educational stage and English language tests.

Can a non-mathematics student volunteer for ICM?
Yes, they can, it will depend on the functional area, for example, the functional areas of Meetings-Walks, Accommodation, Transportation, and other general activities do not require special requirements for volunteer candidates.
Will there be any advantages for the candidates who have volunteered at other major events?
Volunteer experience at various events is an advantage, but not a guarantee.
If a volunteer lives in another country and does not speak Russian, can he or she volunteer at ICM?
No, he cannot, because the main requirement for the selection of candidates is a high level of Russian and English language skills.
Will volunteers be paid for accommodation?
Volunteers from other towns who pass the selection and training process will be provided with free accommodation.
Will volunteers be paid for meals?
Volunteer meals will be provided free of charge for the duration of your work at ICM. A specially equipped room will be provided for eating and resting.
If a volunteer is ill?
Each volunteer is covered by health insurance.
How will the drinking regime be organized?
Volunteers will be provided with drinking water for the entire shift.
How will the volunteer get to work?
During the shifts, the volunteer will be provided free public transportation or an organized shuttle.
What period of time will volunteers be involved, how long does the shift last?
The period of volunteer employment depends on the selected functional area. For some positions, shifts will begin a few days before the Congress, while for others, employment is only possible during the days of the ICM.
How is the training of volunteers organized and how long will it take?
All successful volunteers will go through several stages of training — general training on the basis of the Volunteer Center, on-site and functional training immediately before they leave for the shifts. The duration of the training may vary depending on the functional area. Only after completing all phases of training does the volunteer receive their volunteer accreditation and accreditation badge.
What are the volunteer responsibilities?
It depends on the functional area. When filling out the application, the volunteer will need to select a priority functional area. Please note that a volunteer may be reassigned to another function based on the results of the interview.
Will the volunteer be able to change their chosen functional area?
Yes, this is possible, but only for valid reasons and as an exception.
Can I select more than one functional area when applying?
A volunteer can choose several functional areas and go through the selection stages, however, if the volunteer receives a positive response in all areas, he/she will only have to choose one area to participate.
What functional areas will be represented?

In the ICM volunteer program, 11 functional areas will be represented:

  1. Arrivals and Departures;
  2. Transportation;
  3. Hotel hospitality program;
  4. Accreditation;
  5. Navigation;
  6. Excursion and cultural program;
  7. Opening and closing ceremonies;
  8. Operations;
  9. Accompanying VIP-guests;
  10. Linguistic services;
  11. Press Center.
If a volunteer has any problems, who can be contacted?
If a volunteer has any problems, they will be able to contact their Team Leader or Function Manager. The contacts of the Team Leaders will be displayed in each volunteer’s personal office.
What else will the volunteer be provided with?
  • Unique ICM outfit
  • Specialized training
  • Free accommodation
  • Travel expenses
  • Life insurance
  • Certificate or official letter confirming participation in the project
Will the volunteer be provided with a special uniform?
Each volunteer will be provided with a customized uniform. The volunteer outfit consists of several items and will be presented at one of the volunteer meetings.
Will the volunteer be able to keep the uniform?
Yes, they can.
Will there be any memorable benefits for the volunteers?
Yes, volunteers will receive ICM promotional gifts and souvenirs. You will be able to take part in autograph sessions and a festive final event for volunteers as well.
Will volunteers be able to attend the plenary sessions and sections?
Yes, they will be able to, only during their off shift time.


If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us by email help.icm@expoforum.ru
Wed Jan 19 2022 19:24:31 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)