As it has been a long standing tradition for the ICMs, the ICM in Saint Petersburg will be accompanied by many satellite conferences, held both in Russia and in neighboring countries. There will be satellite conferences and summer schools happening in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhnij Novgorod and many other locations around Russia.

We expect these events to contribute greatly to the overall success and attractiveness of the ICM as well as be an integral part of the «Year of Mathematics» in Russia which the year 2022 will be. The satellite conferences are expected to contribute to the advancement of Russian mathematics in many different ways: by bringing internationally renown experts both to Saint-Petersburg and Moscow and to the regional scientific centers, by providing numerous development opportunities to the junior researchers from all over Russia and from abroad via special funding and events, such as summer schools and lecture series, associated with many of the satellites.

The Saint-Petersburg ICM will also continue on the new tradition which started in Brazil in 2018 by holding the (WM)2 meeting, «the World Meeting of Women in Mathematics», the day before the Congress. The (WM)2 in Brazil was a very successful and extremely popular event, bringing together for the first time over 700 female mathematicians from all over the World. The ICM 2022 is looking forward to building and expanding on that success.

Advances in Algebra and Applications
June 22-26, 2022, Minsk, Belarus
Minsk is the capital of Belarus, a country with long traditions in Mathematics, in particular in Algebra, Differential Equations, Number theory, Nonlinear and Stochastic analysis and other fields. Belarusian mathematicians are working at the National Academy of Science, Belarusian State, and other universities in Belarus, as well as at several leading universities
Recent Advances in Classical Algebraic Geometry
Krakow, June 2022
Krakow is one of the main academic centres in Poland. Several important academic institutions are there, including Jagiellonian University, Pedagogical University of Cracow, Cracow University of Technology, AGH University of Science and Technology, National Science Centre, and others. It is also one of the main tourist attractions in the country.
Probability and Mathematical Physics
June 28 — July 05, 2022, Helsinki
The conference «Probability and Mathematical physics 2022» aims to bring together the leading figures and early-career researchers in the most active fields of modern Probability and Mathematical Physics. A joint effort of the organizers from University of Helsinki and Aalto University and a top-notch international scientific advisory committee,
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