Plenary, Invited, Prize and Special Lectures

ICM Plenary Lectures

An invitation to give a plenary lecture to the thousands of ICM participants is considered a special distinction in the mathematics profession. The Program Committee selects the plenary lectures for the ICM very carefully. Traditionally, they occupy the morning half of the program, drawing the attention of all ICM participants and thousands of other mathematicians via live stream. Each lecture begins with the introduction of the speaker by another world-renowned scholar who chairs the session.

The ICM website will have special supplementary materials for each plenary lecture. These materials will help attendees learn more about new developments and areas of mathematics that may be off the beaten track. Lectures will be published in the ICM proceedings and freely available online.

Plenary speakers

Prize and Special Lectures

All IMU prize winners address the whole ICM community in their prize lecture, giving the community the opportunity to meet the winners and learn more about their exciting research. The prize lectures follow the same format as the plenary lectures. Special lectures such as the Abel Lecture, given by a recent recipient of the Abel Prize, follow a similar format.

Prize speakers


Special invited lectures are introduced by the IMU with the idea to offer additional value beyond that given by standard sectional lectures. Examples of such special lectures include:

  • A talk that creates new connections between different areas of mathematics and its applications, and in particular has the potential to bring communities from both fields closer to each other.
  • A talk that does not fit neatly within existing section structures, for instance due to a highly interdisciplinary nature, or because it represents an emerging mathematical area not adequately covered by existing section descriptions.
  • A timely survey of a subfield of a section, given by an expert who may not necessarily be directly involved in the most recent developments.
  • A talk that involves an unusual but promising methodology or format that would not often be seen in standard sectional lectures.

Special invited speakers

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