Payment of the registration fee

After paying the registration fee, ICM participants and their accompanying persons have the opportunity to apply for visa-free entry to Russia, take part in the ICM scientific and cultural program, opening and closing ceremonies, and more.

Payment is available in the Personal Account.

Category of participants
Early Advance
by 01.04.2022
by 30.06.2022
by 01.07.2022
Non‑Russian citizens: exception: non‑Russian citizens with work permit in Russia and non‑Russian students and postgraduate students)
Russian citizen (regardless of the country of residence);

Non-Russian citizens, with work permit;

Non-Russian citizens — students ans postgraduate students (except for those who study or work in Russia)

Russian students, postgraduate students and early-career scientists under 30

Non-Russian citizens — Russian students, postgraduate students and early-career scientists under 30, who are studying or working in Russia.

Accompanying Person over 16
Accompanying Person under 16 including
Registered participants can order ICM proceedings at the cost of 50$ for the first two volumes of the ICM book (plenary and prize lectures, ceremonies) or 250$ for the full package.

Delivery options:
— Can be picked up at the ICM venue for free (except the prize lecture volume that is published after the ICM).
— Can be mailed by the EMS publishing house for an additional fee for the shipment.

Delivery to Europe, Turkey and Israel:
10$ — the first volume, 30$ — full package;
Delivery to the rest of the world:
20$ — the first volume, 60$ — full package.

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