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Mathematics lies at the heart of technological advances that transform our lives daily, rendering it inseparable from applications in science and industry. There are many ways to have a presence at the ICM, be surrounded by the brightest mathematical minds, and support the development of mathematics in Russia. Join Yandex and Skoltech in partnering with the ICM. To learn about available opportunities, contact
Yandex creates smart products and services based on machine learning. In Russia, it is the largest search engine and leads the market in online taxi orders. The company also provides dozens of other services: from e-commerce and online advertising to media, education, and beyond. As a company founded and driven by mathematicians and engineers, Yandex supports ICM in Russia and is one of the event’s tech partners, creating a site and mobile app that’s convenient and easy to use for all participants.
Skoltech performs R&D in the areas that hold much promise for Russia and the world, trains top-notch professionals capable of performing in a rapidly evolving science and technology landscape and fosters entrepreneurship. Skoltech’s target domains are built around mathematical sciences. As the general academic partner of ICM 2022, Skoltech contributes to the tasks of promoting ICM 2022 in the global and Russian media and raising the popularity of mathematics among broader community.


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